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Am I pregnant?

Expert:   Isabel Blumberg, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist »

Missed your period and wondering if you're pregnant? Wondering what your symptoms mean? Get your sex and pregnancy questions answered!

Transcript: So you’ve had sex, missed your period, and now you’re wondering if you’re pregnant. Well, you COULD be. A missed period IS one of the strongest signs of pregnancy. If you had UNPROTECTED sex – meaning you DID NOT use any kind of birth control, like a condom or the Pill – your chances of being pregnant are even HIGHER. While no birth control method is 100 percent foolproof, using SOME kind of protection is ALWAYS your best bet against an unplanned pregnancy. A late period doesn’t NECESSARILY mean you’re pregnant. You could be off-schedule due to stress, illness or major changes in weight. If you’re prone to erratic periods in general, then it’s even more difficult to rely on your menstrual cycle to know if you’re pregnant. The FASTEST way to confirm a pregnancy is by taking a urine test—either at a clinic like Planned Parenthood, an over-the-counter test from your drugstore, or at your doctor’s office. Drugstore tests are usually accurate a few days AFTER a missed period, but if you opt for a home test, it’s always best to confirm the results with your doctor. Other signs of pregnancy may include nausea, cramps, spotting, and sore or tender breasts. BUT, these are ALSO signs of an oncoming period, so DON’T assume these symptoms are proof that you’re pregnant. In general, if you’ve had sex and missed your period by more than a few days, go for a pregnancy test or at least take a home test. It’s better to know, one way or the other as soon as possible. More »

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