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Can condoms prevent irritation during sex?

Expert:   Logan Levkoff Ph.D, Sex Educator »

Condoms sometimes feel weird during sex, but personal lubricant makes it better. Watch this sex advice video to learn about intimate lubricant, tingling lubricant and different ways to have great sex.

Transcript: Contrary to what some may think, unprotected sex often includes irritating rubbing, and chafing that condom use can actually prevent. Lubricated condoms provide a slick barrier between skin surfaces that can reduce inflammation and irritation. Most condoms come pre-lubricated - it should be stated clearly on the package. The lubrication can especially help intimacy when a woman has vaginal dryness. But even if she's not extra wet, it doesn't mean she's not turned on-she just needs a little help! Enter, a lubed condom. During long sex sessions, the lubrication might dry out. So having extra lube on hand is a great idea - just don't go for an oil-based lube if you're using latex condoms. It will degrade the latex and increase breakage risk. One more warning... I'm leading the call for lubricated contraception, but condoms coated with spermicide may not always be right for you. Many of them are coated with a chemical called Nonoxynol 9. They offer extra protection against pregnancy. However, spermicide doesn't offer any additional protection against STIs, so if you are looking only for STI protection, you might be better off using a non-spermicide condom. Some people think that spermicide condoms cause irritation, which is exactly what you're trying to avoid! More »

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