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Do condoms help prevent STIs?

Expert:   Harry Fisch, M.D., New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Medical College of Cornell University »

Curious as to whether or not condoms really protect you from catching an STD? Watch this to find out!

Transcript: Condoms do prevent STIs—in fact, the CDC’s [AD: show Centers for Disease Control with logo on screen] lab studies have shown that condoms provide a practically IMPASSABLE barrier between the genitals and sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are also effective at preventing pregnancy - 98% effective with perfect use. [On-screen text: All condoms except for natural membrane condoms prevent against STIs] Condoms ALSO prevent against infection like genital warts and herpes, BUT ONLY when you manage to protect the infected area —that’s because those infections can occur in areas that condoms DON’T cover, such as the testicles. The TYPE of condom you use can matter. If you or your partner is allergic to latex, polyurethane condoms will also help prevent STIs. ANIMAL skin condoms – such as lambskin condoms, do NOT protect well against STIs. Remember - if you have sex, condoms protect against unwanted pregnancy and are the only means to protect against STIs, but if they are not used CORRECTLY, you’ll be at greater risk of STIs OR unwanted pregnancy. Take your time, and use them right. More »

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