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Do lubricants and arousal products weaken condoms?

Expert:   Logan Levkoff Ph.D, Sex Educator »

Watch this sex advice video to learn about personal, intimate lubricant, tingling lubricant and different ways to have great sex.

Transcript: When used correctly, most lubricants and arousal enhancement products do NOT weaken condoms. On-screen text: Always read product labels to determine if a lubricant is condom compatible.Lubricant has the added perk of INCREASING sexual pleasure. A study conducted by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University [GFX shows IU logo w/copy: Center for Sexual Health Promotion] found that lubricant use produced higher rates of sexual satisfaction. Take note, however – if you’re using latex condoms, DON’T use an OIL-BASED lubricant. The oil DOES weaken latex condoms. That means no massage oils, petroleum jelly, sunblock, body lotions—you get the idea. Water-based AND silicone-based lubes are fine for latex, though.The same rule applies for arousal enhancement and novelty products. As long as you don’t use ANYTHING oil-based with a latex condom, you WON’T damage the condom.Bottom line? So long as you don’t mix latex with oil, mixing it up in the bedroom won’t increase the risk factor of your safe sex. More »

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