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If I'm on the pill, do I have to use condoms?

Expert:   Isabel Blumberg, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist »

When you're on the birth control pill, you might think you don't need a condom. But actually, wearing a condom is necessary, even if you're on the birth control pill. Learn more!

Transcript: With perfect use, the Pill is 99 PERCENT effective at preventing pregnancy, but it does NOTHING to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Which means, unless you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE your partner is STI-free, then YES, you should use condoms even though you are on the pill. In fact, condoms are the ONLY contraceptive options that block sperm AND sexually transmitted infections. They are also a visible form of protection that both partners can confirm is in place. You can leave out the condoms ONLY if you’re monogamous with the same partner and know for a FACT that he or she is CLEAN of STIs. To be SURE of you and your partner’s STI-status, head to a doctor or clinic for tests before you decide to give up the condoms – or ask your partner to show you test results as proof. Don’t take chances! More »

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